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The boardgame 66d6 is a two-player tactical game with simple rules and lots of dice. Easy to learn, hard to master.

Players both have an army of 33 minions (dice) at their disposal, to take to battle with the enemy forces.

Dice rolls determine composition of your army. How you use your army is up to the player. There are no bad rolls; merely changing tactics.

This game is by Martijn van der Lee and is my entry for the BoardGameGeek 2017 2-player P&P Game Design Contest.
See the Work-in-progress forum thread.
See the Board game listing.

2 Players

45m - 60m

Ages 12+
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You'll need the following…



A4 size

Letter size

Game board

The A4/letter boards can be printed on a single page. A3 and Tabloid sizes should be printed on two pages and taped together. "Dark" themed boards are for pretty high quality color prints. "Light" themed boards for for low-ink or black & white prints.

A4 size

A3 size

Letter size

Tabloid size

Minion chips

Replace the 66 dice with a single dice and these dice-replacement chips.
You need about 20 chips of each denomination (1 to 6) to play comfortably.

For the A4 and Letter board sizes, use the 11mm minions. For the A3 and Tabloid boards, use a single page of 18mm or two pages of 22mm.

A4 size

Letter size

Play online

Tabletop Simulator

You can play 66d6 online with this Tabletop Simulator mod.

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War for dominion of the underworld.

Death is feared and reviled, but never respected. He tries hard every day, but to no avail; people just don't seem to like him. This makes Death a grumpy grim. With little to show for his hard labour, job satisfaction at a low and few, if any opportunities for his career path, he sees only one way out. The ultimate promotion; ruler of the netherworld. With an army of minions, heartless, cold blooded and conveniently soulless, he marches to war.

The devil should have seen it coming, but his cushy job and cozy lifestyle with the rich and famous deceased has left him inattentive to the threat arising from realm of the just-dead. When he learns of Death's intentions, the devil has to take action in order to protect his domain. From his millions of servants, he gathers the most vile, most soulless and depraved and rallies them to the battleground. His only option is to win, for to lose would mean demotion.


Destroy the enemy army, either by completely eliminating all the enemy minions (dice), or to cause enough carnage that your enemy can no longer put up an honorable fight.
Capture, wound and slaughter your enemy's minions. If you let those cowards escape, they may come back to fight you some other time, but play well, and their fate shall be sealed.


This is what minions look like.
They look a lot like dice, that's because they are.
There are many types of minions, six to be exact. Each minion has their individual strengths and weaknesses, luckily they are easily identified and categorized.

Minions with a high value (like 5 or 6), are powerful warriors, brutes, slaughtering lowly 1's and 2's as if they were little fluffy bunnies.
They are slow, sluggish and dimwitted however, making them vulnerable to even the dumbest planned attacks.

Low-valued minions (such as the 1 and 2) on the other hand, are smart, resourceful, flexible and dexterous; they can see a battle coming from miles away and know how to defend against the brutes.
They would be great warriors were it not for their lack of bravery and strength. Alas, they are worthless when attacking, well… anything at all really.


The game board looks like this… Know this battleground well, and thee will be victorious. Know it not, and doom shall be thy fate.


Battles are fought by adding dice. Although you'll quickly learn the outcomes of each fight, having a quick reference charts makes it all the easier.


Each player has a home realm, where minions can rest and recover and from which (and only from which) minions may enter the battleground.
Your enemy cannot enter your home realm, though you are by no means safe. If it is left undefended, your enemy may attack you with impunity.
Minions wounded on or retreating from the battlefields will return home. In some cases, they will need to be healed by rerolling the dice returned. Captured minions must always be rerolled.


The battleground is where wars are fought by strategy. It consists of many different battlefields, all of which can only be entered through adjoining battlefields (connected along the edge) or from your home realm.


The battlefield is where your minions march and your enemies are slain. Upto three of your minions may be in any field at any time.
When you march into a battlefield with enemies present, you may immediately attack them or choose to take cover and prepare for battles to come.
Once on a field with enemies, you may not move out of that field while those enemies continue to live. Defeat them in glorious battle, before marching onwards.

First row

The first row of battlefields is closes to your home realm. It is special only in that it is where you first enter the battleground, and where your enemies are at their most dangerous.


Setting up the board is easy if you follow these steps;

  1. Choose side.
    Your first fight begins before you even start; engage with your enemy in verbal warfare to decide which player picks which side; Death or the Devil.
    This battle is won by whoever confesses to the most recent evil deed.
    Both sides come with one special action, so choose well to match your playstyle.
    Whoever choses to play the side of Death, will start the game.
  2. Gather army.
    Both players take 33 dice to act as minions.
    You can use the last appendix of this manual to quickly measure the amount of dice you need visually, without having to count them.
  3. First row.
    Randomly roll 3 dice on each field in the first row in order. Choose field first, then roll the dice.
  4. Home realm.
    Randomly roll all remaining dice —18 in total— onto your home realm.

Now you are ready to start playing.


Both players take turns doing 6 actions each.
You MUST perform 6 actions, no more, no less.
You may perform multiple actions —such as moving— with a minion, but you may not backtrack.
A single minion may perform as many actions as allowed, but resolve any battle events before making further actions.
What actions you may take depend on the location and situation your minion is in.

Is it your turn?
At any point during your turn, you can use your special action. Boths sides have their own, unique special action.

  • Devil: Sacrifice. Sacrifice two of your minions for the greater evil. Give two of the minions from hell to death's army. You reroll all the remaining minion dice in hell. Death rolls the newly obtained minion dice into purgatory.
  • Death: Infiltrate. Infiltrate and sabotage the devil's army. Give one of the minions from purgatory to the devil's army. The devil must reroll all his dice, including the new minions, in hell.

In your home realm?

Enemies in the field?

Enemy's first row, without enemy minions?

No enemies in your field?

Battle resolution

The attacker initiates a battle, and is always first to act.
The attacker must choose any of his minions in the field to attack with.

After the attacker has chosen his minion, the defender must choose one of his own minions to defend with.

Add both attacker and minion dice values together.

If the attacker uses a 3 and the defender uses a 6, the result is score is 9.

Look up the score in the corresponding tables below or on the game board to determine the outcome for your minion.


12VictoryYou survive and stay on the field or move one field back towards home.
11EvadeMove one field back towards home or all the way into home.
9 - 10ReviveMove or reroll D6 to home
6 - 8RetreatReroll D6 to home
4 - 5DeathRemove D6 from game
2 - 3DefectEnemy takes D6, rerolls to home


2VictoryYou survive and stay on the field or move one field back towards home.
3EvadeMove one field back towards home or all the way into home.
4 - 5ReviveMove or reroll D6 to home
6 - 8RetreatReroll D6 to home
9 - 10DeathRemove D6 from game
11 - 12DefectEnemy takes D6, rerolls to home


The end is where one cheers victoriously and one cries in shame.

War ends when one of the following conditions is met:

  • One of the players has lost all their minions. The player with minions left standing wins.
  • Both players still have at least one minion in their army, but one of the players is too afraid to attack and just keeps running around in circle. The player, brave enough to stand and fight wins.
  • One of the players betrays his entire army and abandons them on the field. We shall not speak of this shameful creature again.


The winner shall be lauded as the new and uncontested ruler of the netherworld. You shall laugh at your enemy's defeat and mock his pitiful attempt. You are reminded of the fact that a small fraction of your victory was due to sheer luck of the roll of dice and would do well be show some humility in your glorious rise.


As he who shall be named never again, your defeat will be all that remains of you. You have been slain. If you start feeling hatred against your enemy, you are encouraged to harbor that feeling and let it boil inside you. All the better shall taste your vengeance in the next game of this eternal battle.

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